Why I Left Jelly and Slogo.

Objavljeno 20. nov. 2020
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Why I Left Jelly and Slogo.
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Have you ever wondered why I left ROBUST? This video will tell you why JELLY SLOGO and I are no longer recording! I hope you all can understand my point of view. :)
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  • Hello, I’m Hassan/Tiger. Jordi, not only did you help me out with my channel but you also gave me a lot of life changing personal advice. I promise I won’t take this chance for granted and I will grind out the best possible content EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. ❤️ Maybe all 5 of us should make a video together one day, that would be pretty epic 😎

  • I'm crazy emotional right now I've waited like 2-3 years for this video. I lost track that's how long it's been. But I trusted Jordi would find a way out of his hole and explain it when he was ready. And here we are.

  • I expect a movie about this man's life one day. People with attitudes like this are the ones who are gonna change the world.

  • (-‿◦☀)

  • So you stay away from them for Coronavirus could you don't want to get them sick and you don't want to get yourself sick😶😶😶😭😭

  • Good Thing your ok😁😁

  • Candycorn33348

  • Hi Jordi hi

  • I'm gonna miss seeing you guys together...

  • Hey Jordi. 👋I have made my own little channel and I was inspired by you to make a video to get a little joy outta someone to help a bit on life.i have been watching you for years. I am going though a hard time with Ideas and other things such as names for the channel, editing and how to make the photo. I would love to be coached in the right direction. I haven't recorded a video in months. If you get this comment, please reply. Thanks for reading this if u are right now. I might be a little age low but I might be good for a little tutor. Thanks.

  • I couldn’t hear anything but lies *joke*. Thank god you didn’t do anything bad like subside I would have LITTERLY pasted out. Hope you have a great life and everything goes well. No wonder I haven’t seen you in Jelly’s or Slogo’s videos in a long time

  • Simply inspirational

  • Tbh I thought this man died- 🤧 I’ll literally like...Idk. 😂 I’m so sorry-

  • Jordi is the beeeeeeest

  • I have been wandering for so long. Thank you so much

  • I mean comon We all know who is the one who hurt my boy jordy😔✊😃

  • Kwebblekop join ssundee

  • Hiiiii Jordie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I hope you get it back

  • I hope you get it back

  • Corona sticks like but

  • Tiger!!!!😁😝😁😝😁😝😁

  • LOL this is what happened? haha funny story

  • They left you

  • This is mr beast jake the Viking all over again

  • Yo u help me pls

  • Thank god this wasn’t the next mini Ladd

  • You da man!

  • When you left I got really sad

  • I cried when he said “ I thought she was my dream girl, but it wasn’t and also, my dad passed away 😭😢

  • you should join the group again

  • Can u start playin’ with them again?

  • Congratulations jordie sorry if I spelled that wrong but everyone goes through life challengers

  • Yay think you OMG pleas play with them pleas🥺🥺

  • wsa

  • Respect unlimited

  • Ok one more question why did you go pg

  • who else forgot kwebbelkop and his friends existed?

  • this feels wrong, just like at the vanoss crew

  • cringe

  • That is good please take your time but you got to get back together

  • look you do you because nobody can tell you how to do your life keep it up

  • literally me

  • Do what makes you happy and will you every play with them again if not it's ok

  • Just one vid with them would be awesome

  • Isnt Tiger Sneep from trimix?????

  • :)

  • Have you got any tips I'm going through some deppressed times

  • Jordi I know this is a little help but I just want to give a simple inspirational memssage. Firstly I want to let you know I am a big fan of you since my elementary days right now I'm 3rd Yr college. I want to give my thanks to you because you are one of the reason I got over my depression/bipolar disorder. When watching your videos it puts a smile on my face it reminds me to live another day. I'm sorry if all I can give is a simple message but I hope it helps because I have been also in the same circumstances. I hope you get well soon I know you can do this. P. S: sorry for my English if my grammar is bad...

  • Thank you for explaining

  • So are you going to start recording with them again? 🤔

  • the only reason you love youtube is because of advertisement rev

  • I dont like that you left them because I loved the 3of you but thank you for explanation

  • dang

  • You made me cry you deserve over 13 millon subs after what you have been through

  • This is the best explanation ever

  • Why

  • Everything makes sense thanks jordi

  • Thank you for this video.

  • I love you

  • Wy

  • Dude ❤️

  • When I was six I went to therapy because I got mad a lot.

  • Can you help me be a better youtuber

  • Jordi your like my mentor and I'm sorry but your realy good at youtuber career i mite make a youtube career

  • And i also have a youtube channel it is Jackson Rico and i have 3 subscribers

  • I miss you guys recording just like the old days and i see your guys videos

  • quiff !!!

  • You ur dom

  • haha

  • I love jordi

  • We all support u jordi

  • Oh my god im subscribing heres why:Jordi is so inspiring with his words and doesn't cuss as much as he did and he puts so much time into just doing his job for other peoples AMUSEMENT. He deserves 50 million subscribers because he gets his life in line for his community i love this guy. Im subscribing

  • Tell bad for you sorry about it but don't worry about it it,s not only you just think of the good times

  • Hi broo can you help me to becom a good youtuber plz

  • Yeet

  • It’s been 3 years since I’ve watched u guys I’m all grown up now bro🥺

  • Did you say Togeder?

  • none of your videos get many views.... and this one suddenly got more than a million views... you should get the hint jordi... :( well the explanation to why u stopped recording with the bois was kinda satisfying though... happy to know theres no beef

  • Wait?, WHAT!?!?!?

  • I love when he says " LETSSSS DO THIS!!!!"

    • The fact that this has dislikes disgust me because he tried his best to cope with all of this.

  • 🥺😪

  • Kiding my name is Alfi tiger

  • So it's our fault?

  • your so nice jordi

  • awe

  • you really made my childhood 100% better

  • kwbblelkop thing that is personal because he has to take care of his kid

  • bruh i hate this stupid man

    • same. he made playing video games lame.

  • Wow

  • I don’t have any subscribers

  • Ok intrasting i bileve you😊

  • Great to know that all 3 of you guys are the worst youtubers on the planet

    • yep. these people are worst than mrbosswtf

  • damn bro huge respect Keep it up !

  • I just wish that you guys do one last gta race

  • Yo i agree with everything

  • So happy ur still passionate 😀😀😀😃

  • The fact that this has dislikes disgust me because he tried his best to cope with all of this.

  • Huge respect for leaving the group

  • Jordi i now know thanks for talking to let us know have a nice day!